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For over 100 years, Camp Wood YMCA has served families from Kansas and beyond through summer camp and year-round programing. Because of YOUR generosity, thousands of families and campers get to experience the beauty and adventure of camp. It is our mission to never turn a child away based on a family’s inability to pay. YOU make this possible. Your support allows us to maintain facilities and serve as many children as possible. 


Make The Wonder Of Camp Possible

With your tax-deductible gift to Camp Wood, you bring boundless joy into kids lives. Your support helps children foster social responsibility, develop healthy living skills and create lasting memories.

Camp Wood is proud to be a long-standing member of the YMCA movement. Like the YMCA, our programs are guided by a commitment to youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Camp Wood is the only American Camp Association (ACA) accredited overnight YMCA camp in the state of Kansas.

Through your donation, children are able to…

  • Build self-confidence and learn to respect themselves and one another

  • Form new relationships with other children and staff from diverse backgrounds and experiences

  • Develop a deeper appreciation for the great outdoors

  • And so much more!


Camp Wood YMCA

1101 Camp Wood Rd.

Elmdale, KS 66850


For planning or major gift opportunities,
please contact BJ Murray at (620) 273-8641.


Give to your Passion

“Feet Up” Campaign
This campaign will further equip camp to serve more families, campers, and groups. Our goal for camp is to grow as we grow – becoming the home for new partner groups and additional campers. Through new and updated housing, we aim to create spaces that support our mission. Through additional program areas, we aim to be a place that campers return to year over year. Discover more HERE

Kids-to-Camp Drive
For the past 31 years, the Kids-to-Camp Drive has helped thousands of children write their own camp story. Your charitable gift to this drive ensures that camp remains accessible to ALL families, no matter their economic status. Because of your generosity, countless children have developed a sense of adventure and memories that will last a lifetime.

Better Together Drive
Our annual Better Together Drive serves to provide assistance to families unable to finance a week of summer camp. Each March through May this drive finds its purpose in knowing, “we are better together than we are alone.” It is a message and lesson camp has shared throughout generations. When we stand together and look out for each other, better things happen for us all.

“I’m Third” Golf Tournament
Since its beginning in 2003, the I’m Third Golf Tournament has raised over 1 million dollars which has been used to send 1,500+ children to camp. The tournament is hosted by Strickland Construction and occurs each Fall at a local Kansas City golf course. There are individual and group registration options as well as a silent auction. All are welcome to participate!

Flamekeepers – An Honorary Donor Society
The flames of a campfire is a unifying experience for us at Camp Wood. All campers spend time around the campfire – building friendships and learning important values.To keep the “flame burning” for generations to come, Camp Wood has established Flamekeepers, an honorary donor society. The society serves to acknowledge and honor those who have made plans for a deferred gift to Camp Wood in the future. Contact BJ Murray ( to hear more about getting involved.

Employer Matching Funds
Many companies will match the amount you donate to Camp Wood. Oftentimes participating employers even double or triple the amount you plan to contribute! If you are unsure if your employer participates in a similar program, check with your Human Resources Department. This is a great way to increase the impact of your fundraising efforts.


Don’t just let us tell you about it. Come see our mission in action! We invite you to visit us in the Flint Hills of Kansas to explore the wonder and beauty around camp. Experience for yourself how we transform lives. Simply fill out the inquiry form to tour camp and someone will be in touch.

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