Valentine’s Day is an occasion to express our love to those special people in our lives that have a way of making every day just a little bit better. Often, it is those people that love without expecting anything in return that not only mean the most to us but make the biggest impact in our daily lives.  Unconditional love is rarely found, but here at Camp Wood YMCA we are fortunate enough to have many people that devote their time, energy and heart to camp while expecting very little fan-fare or accolades. Some people call them support staff, but we call them heroes. 

Our unsung superstars put in some of the hardest work of the entire year during what most people often refer to as the “off-season”.  Without even the sound of crickets chirping at night, winter time can seem very quiet and somewhat uneventful.  Behind the scenes, however, our dedicated staff are making camp buzz with the sound of hard work. This is where you will find Mark, Head of Maintenance and Grounds, 20 feet in the air cleaning every light fixture in Ritchie lodge, and pulling off every air vent to be thoroughly washed.  And Rick, Maintenance Staff, painting all the walls and trim in the health lodge.  This is where you will find Cheryl, Head of Housekeeping and Dining, moving and deep cleaning every piece of kitchen equipment. And Tammy, Housekeeping Staff, power-washing and vacuuming every inch of floor in the Dining Hall.  This is where you will find Nancy, Office Manager, getting everything in line for registrations and making sure all our campers are prepared for the best week of their summer.  And Jeri, Book Keeper, getting all that’s needed organized for audits, paychecks and campaigns.

This group is lovingly called support staff because camp could not function without their support.  And although the work is often dirty, tedious, and demanding it is noticeably done with a spirit of unconditional love for Camp Wood and its mission.  They do it because they love the campers.  They do it because they want to make every kid, family and guest comfortable. They do it, so our visitors don’t have to sweat the small stuff and feel taken care of.  They do it so Camp Wood can stay operating with the utmost levels of integrity in all our day to day operations.  And they do all of this without ever getting the hugs at the end of a summer session or getting to see the tears as a camper leaves forever changed by the impact of camp.  They do it knowing that even if it goes unnoticed, it matters, and that is a perfect definition of unconditional love. So, join us, on this day of celebrating love, in thanking these unsung heroes and their dedication to Camp Wood YMCA.  We wouldn’t be the same without them!

support staff thank you.jpg