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It’s graduation season! It’s an exciting time for many college seniors but it can also be a time of stress and anxiety.  As lifelong students, these young adults find themselves having to navigate their futures through the “real world”.  With careers often being the next step, students weigh the things that will make their resume and past experiences stand out.

According to the American Camp Association, students that have dedicated their summers to being camp counselors gain skill sets that the workplace seeks and that will more than likely put their resume ahead of the pack.

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Working at Camp Provides Important Professional Skills Sets:

  • Collaboration – Most new campers are nervous on their first day of camp but counselors are skilled at working together to make new and seasoned campers feel right at home.
  • Adaptability – Flexibility is essential in a great counselor.  Whether it’s a homesick camper at night, rain in the morning or a schedule change in the afternoon, counselors have to be ready to adapt at any moment.
  • Problem Solving – A camper shows up on check-in day with a broken leg. Good counselors don’t panic, they think. Even with limited abilities, this camper with still have a fantastic time because of a counselor that knows how to problem solve.
  • Communication – Without communication, kids get hurt and programs fall apart. Camp counselors know from the first day the value of clear communication
  • Dedication and Taking on Challenges – Summer camp is hard! It’s long hours, unpredictable weather and a lot of different personalities.  Counselors are required to work in all conditions with a smile on their face and an attitude of fun.  They push themselves to be the best for the sake of the kids and camp.


Of course, these new career seekers will still need specialized skills that only further education can teach them like engineering, medicine and finance. The skills learned at camp, however, are rarely offered anywhere else and should be proudly communicated in a resume. Camp is fun. There is no denying that fact but the value of camp goes beyond fun and helps create professional futures.