Our Commitment to the Health of Campers and Staff

Over the last few weeks, the Coronavirus is raising health concerns across the globe. According to the CDC and the World Health Organization, the US youth population is at low risk of contracting the COVID- 19. As with any newly emerging infectious disease, knowledge evolves with time and recommendations are changing rapidly. While the coronavirus currently poses no immediate concern for camp, we have communicable disease plans in place that will be revised in cooperation with public health authorities as additional COVID-19 guidance is provided. Camp Wood YMCA will work closely with the Department of Health to maintain effective protocols for the identification and appropriate treatment of any illnesses that may occur at camp, including COVID-19.

Should this issue escalate, Camp Wood YMCA will take necessary precautions and communicate with you to ensure that our campers and staff are safe. We will be enhancing our staff training and will be practicing additional hygiene and cleaning practices to ensure that our facilities and program locations remain safe and ready for the 2020 camping season.

These general practices are always in place at Camp Wood YMCA:

  • Frequent hand washing is encouraged and practiced

  • Cough and sneeze etiquette is enforced

  • Sanitation stations and hand sanitizers are available throughout camp and we are continuing to add more

  • Common areas are frequently cleaned

  • If your child is running a temperature above 100.5, please do not send your child to camp

  • We always have a minimum of one nurse on site when our camps are in session.

  • When camp is in session all bathroom facilities are sanitized with anti-viral cleanser

These are some precautions and actions that already have or may be initiated for the 2020 summer:

  • Temperature checks on all staff upon arrival

  • Temperature checks on all campers at registration

  • Additional hand sanitizer stations will be added

  • We have purchased an electrostatic sprayer in which facilities and surfaces will treat regularly with.

If you would like more information on the Coronavirus, please refer to:



We will continue to monitor the situation, but at this point we are looking forward to a great summer camp season.

If you have questions, please feel free reach out to me at bmurray@campwood.org.


BJ Murray
Camp Wood YMCA