For us, summer camp is about more than just having fun. While fun is certainly part of the equation, our ultimate aim is to build confidence, cultivate friendships, and develop character all while ensuring a safe home away from home. Our staff are trained to create lasting impact in the lives of every camper all summer long. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for kids of all ages to grow! 


Safety Is A Priority

Safety has been and will always be a priority for us. We are an American Camping Association (ACA) accredited camp that has been ensuring the safety and well being of thousands of campers for over 100 years.

Our staff are required to have a background check and then are trained to handle emergency situations and implement safety protocols. In addition, nurses are at camp every week to handle any medical needs of your child. 

We enforce a 2:1 camper to leader ratio all while promoting independence through activity choice and scheduled free time. At Camp Wood, safety comes first – fun, adventure, and exploration follows.


Creating Future Leaders

In association with the YMCA of the USA, the leaders of Camp Wood have been guiding campers through the character values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility as well as welcoming campers of all faiths and religious backgrounds for many years.  In addition, we believe in demonstrating “I’m Third” principles that put others before ourselves in order to create a community of awareness, acceptance, and inclusion. Lastly, we adopt the “Three Be’s” at Camp Wood.

  • BE YOU! At Camp, we are free to be ourselves and discover how to live into our fullest potential. 
  • BE ADVENTUROUS! At Camp, we seek adventure as we conquer new heights and grow in confidence. 
  • BELONG! At Camp, we are at home surrounded by a loving community and supportive friends.


Camp Isn’t Camp Without A Ton Of Fun

Mudslides, forkless spaghetti nights, loud camp songs, and sweaty adventurers – that is the essence of all things camp. We believe memories are made in the mess and friendships are forged around a campfire. Campers find confidence in who they are without social media and the latest trends but through a horse ride with the wind in their hair or by digging through the creek bed for crawfish. After one week of getting back to what nature intended they’ll want to come back to that feeling year after year. Each day begins and ends with quiet reflection but throughout the rest of the day, campers run, play, and laugh their way through adventurous activities. Even if your camper isn’t the thrill-seeking type, with so many options, they are bound to find a great way to express themselves with whatever talent they may have.


Ask Us Anything

If you have a first time camper that is a bit nervous or if you have questions and worries of your own, we completely understand. We want you and your child to feel safe, comfortable, and excited about the entire camp experience. Please feel free to to contact us any time so that we can reassure you. We can schedule a camp tour for you and your future camper so they can meet us face to face, see the cabins, and explore the grounds any time during the year. Or join us for one of our two open houses that are held during the Spring where the entire family can come and experience an afternoon filled with camp activities and fun.

Would you like to schedule a camp tour?