Connect safely and comfortably in the beauty of The Flint Hills

2022 Summer Camp Registration

Zoom meetings just aren’t working anymore!

We have plenty of room within our 800 acres to provide a place for your group, family or school to safely social distance while being about to rekindle connections and strengthen teamwork. Our varied facilites offer a spacious opportunity for large groups as well cozy retreats for small families. Located in the heart of The Flint Hills we want to give you a safe, comfortable and fun place for you and others to connect in ways that have not been possible the last couple of years.


Amplify Passions

At Camp Wood YMCA, we believe passion is amplified when like-minded people gather together. Because of this, we love hosting retreats for all types of organizations, clubs, and churches. We understand that each group has different needs which is why we are dedicated to working WITH you to create the perfect experience. Small and large meeting space, ample housing options, meals, and numerous activities are all available to you at Camp Wood! Let us be your next retreat destination – fill out the quick form below and someone from Camp Wood will follow up with you!



Rekindle Connection

School Drop Off. Doctor Appointments. Cooking & Cleaning. Birthday Parties. Clubs. Volunteering. Soccer Practice. Amidst the everyday busyness, it can be difficult to find time together as a family. Camp Wood YMCA provides the perfect setting to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle. We’re all about fostering family connections and deeper relationships!


Upcoming Family Camps

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Deepen Learning

Allow us to make your lessons come to life! Gather your students and head to Camp Wood YMCA for a learning experience like no other. We offer a variety of outdoor education lessons that will complement your curriculum and engage students. In addition, Camp Wood has ample classroom space, overnight lodging, and meals upon request. Come visit us for your next field trip and give students a memory they will never forget.

  • Outdoor Education
  • Team Building
  • Adventure Course
  • Stream Exploration

Your Day at Camp

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