Packing List

The following is a suggested list. It is not a must to have all of these items for your camper. Keep in
mind the number of days your camper will be at camp and please pack accordingly. Also note that we
are an outdoor environment where campers can (and often do) get muddy, sweaty, wet and dirty.

What to pack

Everything Your Camper Needs And Some Of What They Don’t

 Sleeping Bag for Campout night/Bed Sheets *
• Pillow
• 2-3 pair of shoes **
• 1-2 pair long pants ***
• Shorts
• Shirts ****
• Long sleeved shirt/sweat shirt
• Socks
• Underwear
• Pajamas
• Raincoat/Poncho (recommended)
• Swimsuit
• 2 Bath towels/washcloths
• 1 Beach towel
• Laundry bag
• Toothbrush/toothpaste
• Soap and shampoo
• Non-aerosol deodorant/toiletries
• Flashlight
• Camera (disposable works well)
• Non-aerosol bug spray
• Sunscreen
• Water Bottle

* One night per week, campers will camp out in the Prairie with their cabinmates. If your son/daughter owns a sleeping bag please pack it! Sheets can be used in the cabin but a sleeping bag is best for their night under the stars. 
Campers should bring at least tennis shoes and sandals with a heel strap. Some activities require closed-toed shoes.
*** All campers are required to wear ankle-length pants (jeans or riding pants) for horseback riding
**** Shirts with straps must straps that are at least the width of 2 fingers. Shirts may not expose the midriff. Tank Tops may not have large cut arm holes that show off sports bra or extra skin.

Hints And Tips For Packing

  • Help your camper pack their bags; it can be an uncomfortable feeling being in a new place and not knowing where to find your belongings. This also helps campers know what items they brought and recognize them during lost and found times.
  • Send old items or clothes you don’t mind getting dirty or lost (not new or valuable items)! Many parents simply go to Goodwill or something similar and get all the clothes they need for the week for about $20. Then at the end of the week they can simply throw the clothes away or burn them (they will get dirty and probably stink).

What NOT To Bring

• Cell Phone (If found we will place in our camp safe until the end of the week)
• PID (Personal Isolation Devices)
• IPods, personal gaming devices, headsets, etc.
• Computers/Tablets/TV’s of any size
• Expensive jewelry/Watches
• Guns, knives or weapons of any kind
• Tobacco, alcohol or drugs in any form
• Fireworks
• Specialized or dangerous sports equipment (such as climbing gear, bows, or horse tack)