Summer Camp


We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a summer camp. Yet, we believe Camp Wood is a place unlike any other. At camp, your child can be themselves, be adventurous, and belong – also known as our “Three Be’s.” Three things that every child longs for and comes to find at Camp Wood. Get ready for your child to return from camp boasting of deep friendships, epic adventure, and a newfound home.


Safe, Value-Based, Fun

As an ACA accredited YMCA Camp, we adhere to strict safety guidelines that are routinely assessed by experts in the field. It is just as important to us that we ensure your campers safety as it is for you to know your camper feels safe. We also know that the best camp experience goes beyond keeping campers safe. That is why we strive to make sure your camper walks away from their week with an understanding of YMCA’s character values as well as “I’m Third” principles not only in words but in daily interactions with leaders, camp staff, and other campers. Lastly, camp would not be camp without a lot of FUN! Laughter, goofiness, adventure, and just being a kid – we want your camper to have an absolute blast!


We Are All About The Kids, The Kids, The Kids

There are a lot of camps out there. Some camps are geared to certain faiths. Others are more geared to a campers’ specific interests. At Camp Wood we are all about the kids, the kids, the kids! We strive to ensure each camper has a new and exciting experience that encourages them to discover who they are and be proud of who they are becoming. We intertwine values and traditions with programs and activities that enthrall today’s campers. At Camp Wood, we believe it’s okay if the campers don’t have it all figured out yet because we know learning, growing, and becoming the best version of ourselves can often happen while playing and trying new things.









A Day In The Life Of A Camp Wood Camper

There’s no time for social media, cell phones, or even school work for Camp Wood campers. They are too busy flying down zip lines, floating in canoes, creating art and hiking through the Flint Hills to worry about any of the other daily hum-drums. Each day is chalk full of opportunities for personal growth and independence as well as building social connections and camaraderie. To learn more about the daily schedule, activities options, and cabin life click the link below.


We Will Help You Take Care Of All The Details

We have all been there – you drive several hours to drop your camper off for a full week of camp and that’s when they decide to tell you that they forgot their sleeping bag. Even if your camper has been coming for years, there can sometimes be a lot to remember and forget before that initial drop off. Whether it’s packing lists, care packages, or check-out procedures, we’ve got you covered at every stage of the process. 

Step One

Register Your Camper

Step Two

Get Ready For Camp

Step Three

Camp Week

Step Four

Post Camp


The Best Job You’ll Ever Have

A summer position at Camp Wood YMCA is more than “just a job”. It’s a life-changing experience. As summer staff, your days will be very full–full of outdoor activities like hiking and boating, full of challenges as you mentor and care for campers, full of sun and wind and rain. But your days will also full of laughter and smiles of children, the friendship and support of fellow staff, and the most spectacular sunsets and starry nights you’ve ever experienced. At Camp Wood, there is a place for everyone and that doesn’t just apply to the kids. If you have a heart for impacting kid’s lives in a positive way and if you love to play like a kid yourself then we know there is just the right position for you here at camp.